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Everyone is intuitive we just haven’t learned the tools to strengthen our innate abilities. Yaila is on a mission to help you to clear old programming that kept you disconnected to your intuition and will teach you how to increase your clairsenses. Are you new to energy work or Yaila’s teachings? Check out the latest videos discussing Energy Tools or Monthly Energy Update posted weekly. Explore one of the Free Meditations. If you are ready to learn the tools yourself try the online courses either through the self study Chakra course or live Certified Clairvoyant Programs. Schedule a one on one Energy Reading & Healing with Yaila. There’s something for wherever you are along your journey.


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March 2023 Collective Intuitive Energy Reading

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Guided course work for various topics such as increasing your intuition, balancing your chakras, healing relationships, raising your vibration and more!


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What our members are saying...

"Yaila is an exceptional instructor! She brings such a vibrant energy to her classes and makes learning fun. Her classes are full of love, compassion and light hearted amusement. Her insight and intuition foster a safe and open environment that allows everyone to feel secure in expressing their thoughts, feelings and experiences."

- Amber W.

"I have really enjoyed my time as a student with Yaila. Her teaching is very clear and makes the process fun! The container for the class she creates is solid and is very attentive to everyone's energy and needs. I couldn't have asked for a better teacher to lead me through my own clairvoyant journey!"

- Kiana A.P.

"Working with Yaila on a consistent basis has been transformational for me. Her intuitive readings are consistently spot-on and I leave our sessions feeling light, energized, and aligned. The energetic shifts I experience during our sessions literally feel miraculous! Yaila has helped me identify and transform some deep-rooted beliefs and patterns of thought that have hindered me for years. Immediately after our sessions, I often see real-life evidence of the internal shifts that just happened! Yaila is the real deal and I am beyond grateful for her support in my life."

- Brittany N.

"Yaila has been my instructor for close to 1 year. Her style of teaching is absolutely AMAZING. She has a way of meeting each of her students where they are, from beginning to advanced levels. Her approach is with care and compassion to help each one of us to become the best in our own space. She has gone over and above for me personally. When it was necessary for me to take flight she knew it before I did. Thank you Yaila. I look forward to learning more from you."

- Karla M.

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