Ascension Symptoms

“You know who’s going through a lot right now? Literally EVERYONE. Just be Kind.”

This quote is floating around social media quite a bit lately.

Maybe you’ve heard about the consciousness on the planet rising, maybe you are feeling your own adjustments, either way we are all feeling the feels on some level. And the planet is leveling up right now.

This week the ladies and I talk about what the ascension process actually is, what the symptoms can look like, and how to navigate it yourself.

Energy Snob? How to Deal.

This is one of the biggest questions I get from my students when they first start out. They are already sensitive to energy and as they learn to open up their Clair-senses they become even MORE sensitive to the energy around them. So how do you deal when the energy around you starts to feel strong or uncomfortable? This week the ladies and I share our experiences and how we support our clients and students.

Intuitive Discernment

This week we are discussing Intuitive Discernment; what it is, how we’ve learned to navigate it, and a couple tips to get you started on strengthening it for yourself.

First off please excuse my portion of the video… My video is choppy, but you can hear what I’m talking about. *sigh*

I live in San Diego and have THE WORST reception at my house. Sometimes my connection is clear and other times not. So maybe just listen to the video. HaHa