Opening Your Third Eye: Part 1 What is it?

A question I get asked a lot is “How do you open your third eye?” Well, the ladies and I set out to answer this question, and decided to break it up into a 3 part series.

Today we explore what does it mean exactly to have an open third eye.

Come back next week for Part 2: The Myths, and Following week Part 3: How To.

Time Stamps: Peyton 0:26 Corey 5:48 Yaila 10:19

Featured Photo by Harry Quan on Unsplash

Basic Grounding Meditation

We constantly exchange energy with people every day. We get some of their energy in our space, and we give away ours as well. This basic grounding meditation helps you clear your energy body and aura space. Letting go of old energy you’ve grown out of, other people’s energy, or anything that’s no longer in alignment with you. It will help you feel more like yourself, centered, and grounded in who you truly are. Recommended to do this (or similar) meditation as part of your daily practice.

Heart Meditation

Great meditation to help you reconnect to your heart. Helpful if you are stuck in your mind about a specific person or situation. Helps you get back to your authentic self to connect with your intuition and inner guidance. Our heart energy is very healing and powerful. Recommended to use anytime you need or as a daily practice.