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Ascension Symptoms

“You know who’s going through a lot right now? Literally EVERYONE. Just be Kind.” This quote is floating around social media quite a bit lately. Maybe you’ve heard about the…

Energy Snob? How to Deal.

This is one of the biggest questions I get from my students when they first start out. They are already sensitive to energy and as they learn to open up…

Intuitive Discernment

This week we are discussing Intuitive Discernment; what it is, how we’ve learned to navigate it, and a couple tips to get you started on strengthening it for yourself. First…

September 20201 Energy Update

New month, new messages. Astrology Report by Corey 1:42 Collective Energy by Yaila 16:54 Channeling Pleiadians by Peyton 27:51

Completing Karma

This week each of us give our understanding and interpretation of what Karma is, how it impacts our lives, and most importantly how to complete karmic interactions.

Truth vs Lie, How to Tell

Some people are naturally good at knowing when someone is lying. There’s also tell signs that you can research. However, as you build your intuition and understand your energy you…

Your Energy Vs Others

In previous videos we’ve mentioned the concept of your energy vs others in our space. In this week’s video the ladies and I go further in depth of what that…

What Is Energy Healing?

So what exactly is Energy Healing? If you’ve ever been curious what it is and how it would benefit you stay tuned. Corey, Peyton, and I share our take on…

August 2021 Energy Update

Check out what to expect for the month of August. Collective Energy Reading with @Yaila 1:59 Astrology Report with @ClairCoreEnergy 10:56 Channeling The Pleiadians with @PeytonEnergetics 35:18 August is going…

Transmuting Energy

This week’s Energy video discusses Transmuting Energy. What exactly does that mean, what are the benefits, and how to do it. . You don’t want to miss this chat with:…

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