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Staying Calm in Chaos

The ladies and I share tips and our go to methods when we feel we are getting caught up in the chaos around us.

Toxic Spirituality

Our world right now is going through a major shadow period, some would even say a dark night of the collective soul. It can be hard to know who you…

3D vs 5D Consciousness: What is that?

We break down the 3D and 5D consciousness from each of our understanding, what it means, how we make sense of it, and what does it look like in our…

Current Patterns & Themes

Slightly different video where we have more of an open discussion about what we are observing with our clients, students, and navigating within ourselves during these times.  

Unplug From The Matrix

What is the Matrix, what does that look like in your life, and how can you get out of it and take back your sovereignty? We cover all of these…

Opening Your Third Eye Series

A question I get asked a lot is “How do you open your third eye?” Well, the ladies and I set out to answer this question, and decided to break…

What is Energy?

In many intuition and meditation classes people will talk about “energy.” Here’s a quick description on what is meant by using that as a term and how it applies to…

Basic Grounding Meditation

We constantly exchange energy with people every day. We get some of their energy in our space, and we give away ours as well. This basic grounding meditation helps you…

Heart Meditation

Great meditation to help you reconnect to your heart. Helpful if you are stuck in your mind about a specific person or situation. Helps you get back to your authentic…

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