The ladies and I share 3 different insights for what to expect for the month of July.

I kick off the discussion this week by tapping into the collective energy for those of you tuning in, and as ask for the information that is most helpful for you to hear.

Corey follows up with her astrology report and what to expect and how to navigate the planetary positions that will impact us this month.

Peyton wraps up our discussion with a channelled message from the Pleidian guides she works with, and their multidimensional perspective. . There are BIG energies this month and we hope this update brings insights and clear supportive steps to stay on top.

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Time Stamps:

Collective Energy Reading with Yaila 2:06

Astrology Reading with Corey 10:01

Channeling Pleidians with Peyton 22:17 

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Corey at or YouTube at Clair Core Peyton at or YouTube at Peyton Energetics

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